A Guide to the Different Shapes of Manhole Covers

A Guide to the Different Shapes of Manhole Covers

Manholes provide easy access to underground drainage systems, sewer systems, and other utilities, including communication lines. As such, we must cover them to prevent accidental falls and unwanted access. But what cover do you choose? Many people don’t realize that these can differ in shape, which is why we created a guide to the different shapes of manhole covers.

Why Are Most Manhole Covers Round?

While manufacturers can create manhole covers in numerous shapes, circular products are by far the most common. This is because round covers are not only easy to craft, but they are also less likely to fall into the circular openings that they cover. Further, you don’t have to worry about perfect alignment; a round manhole cover can close off the underground opening at any angle. Lastly, because these covers are heavy, you can’t easily remove them—unless you roll round ones away.

Squares, Rectangles, and Other Uncommon Shapes

Although most covers are round, you can still purchase square and rectangular access covers if needed. Rectangle and square options can cover large cavities that aren’t cylindrical openings. Also, these shapes effortlessly blend in with asphalt pavement and concrete. You won’t often see covers in diamond and triangular shapes, but they do appear in some cities around the globe.

We hope our guide to the different shapes of manhole covers helped you in better understanding all the available types. In addition to this information, we also want to aid you in selecting what will best suit your application. Manhole Covers Direct offers covers in the shapes we listed above. Plus, if your business seeks a unique solution, don’t hesitate to reach out. Additionally, we design and create custom manhole covers and frames for customers all over North America and even globally.

Our team manufactures all our products from durable materials, such as aluminum, composite, and stainless steel. No matter your requirements, we can fabricate manhole covers for your business’s specific needs. Give MCD a call today!