Manhole Rehabilitation: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Manhole Rehabilitation: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

If you have a manhole near your house that’s been there for a long time, you might have noticed that it’s not performing its function as well as it used to. Everything deteriorates over time, meaning that the day will eventually come when your manhole cover will need to get fixed or replaced. This is what’s known as manhole rehabilitation. There is a lot that goes into this process, so we are going to take the time to go over what manhole rehabilitation is and why it is important.

What It Involves

There are multiple ways to fix a deteriorating manhole cover, depending on how quickly you notice the problem occurring. The first option is, by far, the quickest. It is known as grouting. This process involves pouring a chemical mix into cracks and holes in the soil or pavement around the cover in order to keep excess water from leaking in. Grouting is best if the manhole cover is still structurally sound with only minor defects surrounding it.

The next option is putting a new lining around the area in which the cover sits. This helps keep the surface sealed, blocking out runoff groundwater and keeping in any noxious gasses. The lining process is very discrete and can help reinforce an older manhole cover that would otherwise need to be replaced.

Another solution is to use a polyurethane spray. The spray itself doesn’t stop water or gasses like the other two options do. Instead, its primary goal is to prolong the life of the manhole. It does this by using urethane materials to coat the hole’s walls, protecting it from standard corrosion caused by groundwater and gas.

If the manhole cover is too far gone or none of the previous fixes seemed to work, the final thing to do is replace it. As long as you can lift it, the covers are quite easy to replace. You can buy a replacement circular manhole cover from our site. Just let us know the width, depth, and type, and we’ll send you a new one that will fit your manhole perfectly.

Why It Is Important

As we’ve alluded to in our explanations for fixing the issue, the main goal of manhole covers is to block out excess water and keep in sewer gasses. While these gasses are rarely toxic, they can be very smelly and unpleasant, so keeping them inside is vital to enjoying being outside of your own house.

If the manhole cover is in a place where people constantly drive or walk, keeping them in good condition is also crucial for safety reasons. A cracked cover could damage a car that goes over it too quickly or could trip up someone walking over it. If you have kids, you don’t want them to break through a manhole cover and fall in either, which is why we wanted to tell you what manhole rehabilitation is and why it is important. No one should have to get hurt by a damaged cover.