What To Look for in a Manhole Cover Inspection

What To Look for in a Manhole Cover Inspection

Do you have a manhole cover in your yard? Chances are, you have at least one somewhere, and sometimes they can catch your attention. How do you know if the cover on your property is functioning like it should? How do you know if it is safe? How do you inspect it, and what do you look for? We are here to help!

How can you tell if your cover is broken?

By far, the easiest thing to observe about the manhole or its cover is whether it’s broken or not. Is it cracked? Are the edges rusted out or chipped? Is it broken in pieces? Manhole can be made of many different materials. Some are iron, some are steel. Some are fiberglass, plastic or other material. Each of these materials degrade differently over time, but a simple visual inspection is all it takes to have a better sense of the condition of your manhole cover.

Does the cover fit?

Sometimes a manhole cover can be installed as a quick fix, and the temporary solution can become a problem over time. Have you inherited and eye sore or ill fitting manhole cover in your space? Manhole covers come in all shapes and sizes, and can sometimes lose their structural integrity over time. Most manhole covers have a frame and cover that sits inside the frame. A misfitting cover that fits too loose, or rattles under vehicle traffic may allow for potential hazard. What about a cover laying in your grass? Does your cover stay in place or does it have the potential to open up on accident? It is important to check and make sure your space is safe from potential dangers.

Be aware of tripping hazards

Manholes are normally installed at ground level, also called grade level. One important aspect of maintaining a safe yard or driveway is making sure to eliminate any tripping hazards.  If the manhole frame has sunk into the ground, it can cause a tripping hazard. Or if it was not properly installed, if may stick up in an inconvenient location and cause a danger to yourself or visitors. The same goes for an ill fitting cover, or a cover that has the potential to lift too easily.

Sometimes being an eye sore is the least of the problem. Inspect your property to ensure that your manhole covers and frames are safe. If you find that the coves on your property are not safe, please be sure to look into the products we offer for replacement.