Manhole Covers Are What We Do | About Us

Whatever your needs, Manhole Covers Direct can provide the solution!

Here at Manhole Covers Direct, we custom fabricate any size manhole cover to fit your needs. There is no manhole too big or too small, and there is no cover or frame that we cannot fabricate.

Whether you need steel, stainless steel, composite or aluminum – we can accommodate you. We finish products with paint, powder coat, hot dipped galvanized or whatever you ask for. Available options include bolt down watertight covers, tamper resistant locks, pad locks, custom designations and I.D. tags.

We carry a full line of access manholes from 5″ through 60″. Including, Round, Square, Monitoring Well, Composite, Sewer, Water, Gas, Drain Grates, Grease Traps, Tank Monitor, Inspection, and Electrical.

Whatever your specific application, call us today to speak with one of our engineers and we will get you where you need to be quickly and with precision.

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