• Round Manhole Gravel Guard Frame and Cover
  • Center Access Storm Water Replacement Cover
  • Drain Grate Replacement Cover
  • Round Base Flange Frame and Cover
+ Fabrications Made


Quality Custom Manhole Covers & Frames

If you need a quick and reliable turnaround, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Manhole Covers Direct, we custom fabricate manhole covers and frames in any size to fit your needs. There is no manhole too big or too small, and there is no cover or frame that we cannot fabricate. Whatever your needs, MCD can deliver! In addition to our custom services, we offer a large inventory of standard-size manhole covers for sale. Whatever your specific application, call us today to speak with one of our engineers, and we will get you where you need to be. We are proud to be a leader in the industry, and customer satisfaction is our goal throughout every step of the process.

Manhole Cover Manufacturer

Whatever your needs, MCD can deliver! Whether you need steel, stainless steel, composite or aluminum—as a manhole cover manufacturer, we can accommodate you. We finish products with paint, powder coat, hot dipped galvanized or whatever you ask for. We help with a variety of applications, and specialize in providing custom manhole covers, frames and accessories for projects like sewers, fuel distribution, fresh or gray water applications among others. We help clients of all sizes and needs, from large scale municipal or military applications to homeowners looking for manhole covers for a small project. Available options include bolt down watertight covers, tamper resistant locks, pad locks, custom designations and I.D. tags. Whatever your specific application, call us today to speak with one of our engineers and we will get you where you need to be!

Replacement Covers

Is your cover missing, old, broken or unappealing? Do you need to cover a hole or refresh the look of your location? We can provide you a brand new manhole cover to fit any existing frame or application.

Round Manholes

Standard sizes range from 5″ to 60″, and are customizable as needed. Covers are traffic rated, H-20 with options to increase load rating as needed.

Square Manholes

Standard sizes range from 8″-60″ and anything beyond or in between. Covers are traffic rated, H-20, with options to increase load rating as needed.

Rectangular & Trench Covers

Popular for use over oil water separators and grease traps, this design allows you to have access to anything underground no matter the size. We can fabricate as many covers per manhole as needed to allow proper access and also be manageable for one person to open.

Drain Grates

Whatever your application, we have the solution. Whether for sidewalks, driveways, swimming pools, you name it – we can handle it!


Custom Engineered Solutions

We specialize in one-off made to order products. Don’t know where to start? Send us a picture, sketch, or job spec, we’ll design it for you and send you a CAD drawing with the quote!

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Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality prices and service. We take great pride in everything that we do in our factory. Please include:



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