shop rectangular multi-cover manholes

Rectangular manhole covers and trench covers are an extremely popular choice for over oil-water separators and grease traps. All covers are custom configured and allow for easy access to anything underground, no matter the size. Available in a single cover, or multi-cover, we can design your custom manhole cover with divided covers to ensure they are manageable for one person to open. Units can be fabricated to be H-20 traffic rated or made to be lighter duty for foot or lawn traffic. Fabricated in steel, stainless steel or aluminum, units can be painted or powder coated in any available color or texture. Ask about hot dipped galvanized finish! Whatever your load rating or material needs, Manhole Covers Direct strives to be the answer to your problem.

We provide replacement manhole covers for a wide variety of applications such as gas stations, marinas, airports, sewers and municipalities, fresh water collection and storage and many other applications. Our products can be customized in almost any way and we can help you with orders large or small. All of our covers are made in the USA and are ADA compliant. Call us or submit a quote request for a rectangular manhole cover or trench cover today!

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