ADA compliance in the world of drain grates: What is it and why is it important?

ADA compliance is significant to drain grates in pedestrian accessible locations. ADA stands for the Americans with Disability Act. This act prevents discrimination regarding disabilities in employment, public accommodations, transportation, and more.

So, what does this have to do with drain grates?

When a drain grate is located in a pedestrian-populated space, it must be ADA compliant to protect those with disabilities. This ensures the drain grate will not cause accidents when patrons travel over it.

In order to solidify this safety, the ADA requires slots or holes no larger than ¼” – ½”, depending on its location. The direction of the slots also must lie perpendicular to the predominant direction of travel to ensure those using walkers, canes, and wheelchairs will be able to safely cross the grate if it is in their path.

What’s the difference between slots and holes in a drain grate?

Although slots and holes may seem similar as you pass over a manhole cover or drain grate, they are significantly different in terms of ADA compliance. While drain grates with holes under ½” in diameter are ADA compliant regardless of the direction of predominant traffic, drain grates with slots are only ADA compliant when they are perpendicular to the direction of traffic.

When is ADA compliance important?

Drain grates are everywhere, such as on sidewalks, parking lots, streets, etc. Locations such as entrances to public spaces or buildings where pedestrians may be traveling over the grate should meet ADA compliance to ensure public safety. Do you ever wonder – Is My ADA Drain Grate Heel Proof?

At times, ADA compliance might be overlooked during construction. Contractors may install a standard drain grate with drain slots or holes that are larger than the ADA approved dimensions. Upon inspection, property owners may be required to replace the installed covers with ADA compliant drain covers. In those cases, Manhole Covers Direct can help save the day!

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