Frame Only

Do you want to keep your existing cover and install a new frame?

Perhaps the manhole cover frame on your property has rusted away or degraded over time while the cover itself is still in good shape. Purchasing a Manhole Cover Frame Only will allow you to save money and keep your old cover while reestablishing your manhole’s integrity with a new frame.

Are you repaving and in need of a Riser Ring? Often when repaving a parking lot, construction teams are in need of a 3″ riser ring to raise an existing manhole frame. Our engineering team is ready to design a riser ring to fit your needs to ensure your existing cover will fit properly and sit flush in its new frame. We provide replacement manhole frames for a wide variety of applications such as gas stations, marinas, airports, sewers and municipalities, fresh water collection and storage and many other applications. Our manhole frame products can be customized in almost any way and we can help you with orders large or small.

Sometimes in new construction, purchased manholes may need to be adjusted. Have you realized the frame you ordered is too tall or too short for your new construction project? Our engineering team can quickly design and fabricate a new frame or frame extension to achieve a shorter or taller frame height to help your project continue on schedule.

Manhole Covers Direct can fabricate a custom-made frame in steel or stainless steel to your specifications to fit the diameter and edge thickness of an existing cover. Call us to discuss your project today!


Need something special?

Need something special?