We first received a call from a contractor

who asked if we could fabricate two large square manhole covers that would be delivered in a timely fashion for the parking garage his company was constructing. MCD was immediately interested and asked the contractor to send us an email regarding the specifics of what he was looking for.

The company was behind

on pouring the floors to the project and didn’t have time to wait for the manholes, so they formed out two openings, just for the covers. However, the openings were not exactly standard sizes. We designed a frame to fit perfectly into the opening. The indoor garage would not experience large truck traffic, so the manhole covers needed to be traffic rated for cars.

The customer provided detailed measurements

to get us started on the design. From there, MCD drafted the custom frames manholes based on the given specs to ensure they would fit perfectly in the opening. Also, the manhole covers were split into 2 and 3 covers per opening to allow the individual covers to be lifted by 1 or 2 people without using a machine.

After a few rounds of revisions

between our engineers and our customer to ensure the right fit, the project plans were finalized.  MCD requires our customers to review and approve the final custom CAD drawings and once approved, the project is released into fabrication.

square manhole cover and frame set into concrete box
square manhole cover and frame set into concrete

After the covers were installed,

the customer was able to move forward with the rest of the garage and close in on finishing their amazing project.

We are proud to partner with contractors and developers around America. Our South Carolina factory can supply your project with custom or stock fabricated manholes. Check out some more of our featured completed projects. And let us know if we can help you with whatever is coming up next for you.