Nice Shoes!

Is that a manhole cover?

Parker Karlov Events reached out to us while working on renovating a unique production and event space. Originally constructed as a commercial steel forging factory in the 1950’s, the warehouse’s exposed brick, raw timber trusses, large windows and concrete floor gives the space it’s unique industrial flavor. Amidst the main space flooring is an underground storage tank cover. The goal was to incorporate something remarkable as a replacement for the old cover.

Located indoors, there was no need for heavy

traffic rating, so a light duty load rating was requested. A smooth cover was preferred, flush with the floor to eliminate any tripping hazards or potential danger for high heels.

With a handful of options and ideas,

an upgrade from a standard diamond plate cover to a later art cover was decided to add some flare and personality.

After specs were drawn up and the direction was set, the creative team at Parker Karlov settled on “Nice Shoes” as a fun phrase to draw attention and smiles.

Once approved, our happy customer gave the go-ahead for fabrication and the cover was later delivered and installed.

nice shoes drawing

Sending a nod to all who visit,

party and business guests alike will receive a subtle compliment, along with a laugh.

parker karlov event space

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