Drop-in Collar

Do you need to cover a hole on your property? If you are unable to or do not plan to pour a slab to install a manhole frame and cover and are looking for a low effort solution, Manhole Covers Direct can design a drop in collar cover for your property.

Our Drop In Collar solutions are engineered to fit into the inside diameter of the hole, with a collar style underside designed to hold the cover in place. The collar height is fully customizable, as well as the outer dimension of the frame rim, which is designed to be at least 2″ wider than the hole to allow for proper support.

The Drop In Collar can be made to lay into the hole, or can include bolt holes to secure the frame and cover in place. Keep in mind, the Drop In Collar style will have a lip, and will not be flush with grade unless you are able to create a recessed frame.  Drop In Collars are available as a 2 piece frame and cover, or are also available as a single piece.

Drop In Collars can be fabricated in steel, stainless steel or aluminum, and can be painted or powder coated in any available color and can be designed to be H-20 traffic load rated, or lighter duty for foot or lawn traffic. Whatever your load rating or material needs, Manhole Covers Direct strives to be the answer to your problem. All of our covers are made in the USA. Call us today to work up a custom Drop In Collar and quote for your project today!

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