The Differences Between Round and Square Manhole Covers.

While browsing our product offering, you may have noticed a few variations in the shape of our manhole coverings. Manhole covers are not a one size fits all solution, given the variety of covers offered on our website. So what are the advantages of a round manhole cover versus a square? Each design has its own unique applications to help it be better suited for certain projects.

Why Round?

Most manhole covers tend to be circular, as this design warrants many advantages over an angular cover. A majority of manholes themselves are cylindrical, conducive to geometrical findings that a circular hole is best able to withstand the compression and pressure of the surrounding Earth. Thus, a circular covering is also able to withstand heavy weight bearing best. A square or rectangular manhole cover is the strongest at its corners and weakest in its center when weight, such as a car tire, is applied. This is due to uneven distances from the shapes’ center points to their corners versus their sides; however, a round cover has an equal distance diameter, leading to even weight distribution and no singular weak or strong points. Additional advantages for round maintenance hole covers include easier handling and maneuvering since they can be rolled and the cover’s ability to be placed in no particular angle or alignment without the worry of it falling through the frame.

Why Square?

Although round manhole covers are the most common, square covers hold their own set of benefits that constitute them useful as well. Square and rectangular manhole covers are more suitable for shallow drainage and maintenance work. Angular covers open up to a larger surface area, making them ideal for completing maintenance work underground, such as in cable channels. During cable laying, square covers are suitable for the use of cable wire pulley systems. Additionally, square manhole covers can fit more effectively into brick and tile floor designs and over drains located against a wall or in a corner.

Next time you head outdoors, try to spot which shape of manhole covers you can find in your neighborhood! Both circular and square covers come with their own advantages and applications for unique projects, and Manhole Covers Direct, the leader in custom manholes and related products, offers both styles. Reach out to us for a quote today or to learn more about which cover style is right for you!

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