Why a Custom Manhole Metal Cover Is Worth the Purchase

While there are several commonly known benefits to installing a manhole metal cover on your property, like boosting curb appeal and keeping people from injuring themselves, there are also many other reasons to consider ordering a custom cover.

Benefits Include:

  • Ensures road safety
  • Keeps garbage and debris from falling into the drain or manhole
  • Allows easy access to underground facilities

As an alternative to tearing out your old manhole frame, we can fabricate a replacement cover to fit into the existing frame, saving you time and money on labor and parts.

Manhole Covers Direct’s Custom Manhole Metal Covers

If you need a quick and reliable turnaround, look no further than Manhole Covers Direct! We custom fabricate manhole covers and frames in any size to fit your needs. Here’s a guide to our custom manhole metal covers.

Replacement Covers

Is your manhole cover missing, damaged, or visually unappealing? If so, we can provide you with a brand-new cover to fit any existing frame or application. Don’t allow unsightly covers to ruin your curb appeal; with a replacement cover, you can refresh the look of your location.

Round Manhole Covers

As one of the most common shapes needed, we can customize any round manhole cover ranging from 5″ to 60.” Standard covers are rated for H-20 wheel loading, and we can offer lighter duty covers for foot traffic or increased wheel loading for aircraft and heavy machinery.

Square Manhole Covers

Manholes come in all different shapes and sizes. If your property has a square manhole in need of covering, we can customize and square manhole cover ranging from 5″-60″. Our engineers can also create a custom cover to meet your needs. Covers are traffic-rated, H-20, with options to increase or decrease load rating as needed.

Drain Grates

Whether you need a replacement or new drain grate for your sidewalk, driveway, or swimming pool, Manhole Covers Direct has you covered. We build our replacement drain grates and covers with the load rating and longevity required for your project. Whether you need heavy or light-duty covers, we can fabricate a cover with the material of your choice.

Rectangular & Trench Covers

Rectangular manhole covers and trench covers are an extremely popular choice for over oil-water separators and grease traps. Our design allows for easy access to anything underground, no matter the size, and ensures the covers are manageable for one person to open.

Custom Engineered Solutions

If you’re looking for American-made manhole covers and frames but are unsure of the correct size or shape, you’ve come to the right place. Our engineers will work directly with you to design custom-made to order manhole covers and frames or any of our other products, no matter what your application is.

Choose Manhole Covers Direct

If you need a quick and reliable turnaround, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Manhole Covers Direct, we custom fabricate manhole covers and frames in any size to fit your needs. There is no manhole too big or too small, and there is no cover or frame that we cannot fabricate. Call us today at (973) 974-9977 or visit our website for a free quote.