What Is a Catch Basin, and Why Does Your Property Need One?

What is a catch basin?
A catch basin, also referred to as a stormwater drain, works to collect runoff water in yards, enhancing drainage systems both inside of your property and surrounding areas. Catch basins have two systems at work to keep yards and drainage systems from deteriorating.

The catch basin primarily works to catch runoff water from yards, keeping the land from becoming oversaturated with water. Catch basins also possess a small box, or a cistern, that catches debris and sediments in the water. This box prevents larger sediments from reaching the drainage system, which works to reduce pollutants in the water and prevent clogs. Catch basins work to protect your property and the environment surrounding it. These small drains can prevent big water-related problems for any piece of property. To work most effectively, catch basins should be installed in low-lying areas of the yard or just beneath the yard’s surface.

Why does my property need a catch basin?
Heavy rain and storms can come without warning, and a catch basin ensures properties are prepared. Without a catch basin, the runoff water in the yard has no place to feed into and can oversaturate yards, leading to stagnant water. Stagnant water is the culprit for many issues and can produce unpleasant smells, draw in mosquitos, and create mold and mildew problems or water damage inside your building. Even without a large yard space, standing water can harm concrete in driveways and may lead to preventable flooding in basements and garages.

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