What is a Laser Art Manhole Cover?

While most manhole covers are similar in looks, some stand out more than others. At Manhole Covers Direct, we have the capability to design and fabricate one-of-a-kind laser art manhole covers that are a perfect aesthetic addition to your property while also functioning as weight-bearing access points to your underground utilities.

Why are we different?

Typically, cast-iron manholes are made in molds and require customers to purchase a minimum quantity per order, which takes months to receive. Unlike cast-iron covers made in a mold, our custom laser art manhole covers are fabricated with layered stainless steel plates that are precisely cut by a high-powered laser. In contrast to cast iron, our process allows us to create custom one-off designs with no minimum order, fast lead times, and no tooling charges for new molds. This allows us to achieve our customers’ aesthetic dreams at an affordable price and gives them the ability to turn a piece of artwork into a long-lasting feature attraction that adds personality and uniqueness to the space.

Where might you want to install a custom laser-art manhole cover?

Laser art covers can be installed anywhere – on a sidewalk, in front of your business, hung on your wall, or on your lobby floor. Whether it’s a new construction or you are replacing an existing manhole cover, remember – it’s all up to you! Depending what your laser art cover is being used for will determine how you decide to customize the cover to your liking.

Where should you begin?

Although ordering a custom manhole cover may seem intimidating, it gives you the freedom to incorporate anything of interest in your design. Go to our Laser Art Design Manhole Cover page to learn more about how to get started on your order!  Call us today to create something special!