Why Iron Manhole Covers?

Cast iron manhole covers are used mainly because of their strength and durability. These heavy-duty lids are designed to withstand immense pressure and are capable of carrying maximum load ratings of up to 100 tons when opting for the highest-class options. This incredible load-bearing capacity ensures that these covers can handle even the most demanding conditions and are built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Cast Iron is ideal for high speed, high volume applications such as highways and city streets as they wear down less over time. Cast iron covers are typically very heavy and can weigh several hundred pounds. This weight is an asset as it helps keep the covers in place in high-traffic areas and prevents unauthorized access.

How Are Iron Manhole Covers Manufactured?

Creating an iron manhole cover is an intricate process that unfolds within the confines of a specialized foundry, where skilled craftsmen and modern technology converge. The transformation of raw material into an iron manhole cover begins with applying extreme heat. The metal is placed in a furnace where the temperature within the foundry reaches an astonishing range of 2,300 to 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit. This extreme heat is necessary to achieve the melting point for casting iron manhole covers. As the metal reaches these high temperatures, it transforms dramatically from its solid state into a molten form. The molten iron is now in the ideal state for casting and can be poured into molds designed to meet specific industry standards. Once cast, the manhole covers cool and solidify, retaining their durability and strength.

Why Steel Over Iron?

While iron covers have their uses and can be cost effective, Iron manhole covers are generally manufactured in bulk, often overseas. Orders have to be placed for hundreds or thousands of pieces and it can take many months for manufacture and transit.
Our steel manhole covers are fabricated in our South Carolina factory. We bring in a raw plate and sheet material. Our manufacturing process includes burning, rolling, welding material, and finishing each manhole cover to the specifications chosen at the time of your purchase. We offer custom fabrication services and can engineer our manhole covers to meet nearly any specifications you require. If you need a custom manhole and do not have months to wait, our standard lead times for fabrication can range from 1-6 weeks, depending on your project.

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