Is There A Standard Manhole Cover?

You might think that manhole covers all look the same, but are they? Manhole covers that you see all around you were more likely not installed at the same time or made by the same people. In fact, manhole covers you see on the daily might have been manufactured in the USA, China, India, or any other number of countries and could have been made years, decades, or even centuries apart. No wonder it might not be as easy as you think to find the perfect fit for a replacement cover.

Although manhole covers all share similar exterior appearances, they are each different in their own way. They can be of different shapes and sizes, made from different materials, handle different loads, and have varying edge thicknesses. Although there is no standard size when ordering a manhole cover, Manhole Covers Direct has a standard way of helping our customers select precise measurements that allow us to fabricate replacement covers built to the exact dimensions that you need to replace your old or missing manhole cover.

Not sure where to start? When you purchase a replacement manhole cover, your main goal may be to ensure the cover sits flush and snug inside the manhole frame for safety. It can be tough to find a replacement cover that matches what you already have because the manufacturer who made the original cover may be out of business or may have changed its design. Or, your older cover may have worn down from wear and tear and not match the original dimensions.

Rather than wasting your time and money trying to find a match to a “standard” manhole cover, contact us today! We can help you when you send in your exact measurements to receive a one-off custom-fabricated manhole cover without the burden of worrying about what could go wrong. We make the process of ordering a replacement cover easy and can fabricate any size manhole cover to provide the exact fit needed to replace your existing cover correctly.