Do you ever wonder – What is a manhole cover for? Is it the same thing as a manhole? No. A manhole is an access port to underground systems. The manhole cover is on top of the manhole and has the important job of not only keeping the people above ground safe but also the utilities below. Manhole covers are most commonly found on roadways, sidewalks, gas stations, or parking lots. They can be circular, square, or rectangular. Covers can be wide enough in diameter to allow a person to enter. In fact, the name “manhole” dates back to the 1st century from the idea that the covers allow for a person to pass through the port to access sewage and drainage systems below. 1st-century covers were built with small square grips on the lids that were meant to provide grip for horse hooves, and many are still built this way today. Manhole covers are ubiquitous in most cities, as the number of manhole covers present in the United States of America has climbed to just over 18 million.  

The manhole cover prevents debris, sediment, and even living things from falling into the manhole. Manholes are typically made out of cast iron, steel, aluminum, or even concrete. Cast iron is the most common type of manhole cover because it is durable, relatively inexpensive, and heavy enough to withstand the weight of vehicles and foot traffic. A manhole cover should also be crafted with a hearty material so that it is rigid enough to stay put inside the frame without the possibility of opening and becoming a hazard. 

Manhole covers are designed to keep people, cars, and wildlife from accessing the inside of the manhole, but they still must be moved for repairs, replacement, and inspections. Some manhole covers can be locked and must be unlocked by a professional. Covers can sometimes be removed with a lifting system or even a magnetic lifting system. 

Manhole covers have an important job! Therefore it is important manhole covers are regularly maintained. For information about obtaining a new manhole cover, contact Manhole Covers Direct to allow the professionals to find a manhole cover that suits the need of the job.