What Is The Difference Between Volume and Speed in General?

Vehicle traffic speed indicates how fast a vehicle travels. The volume of vehicle traffic is determined by how often and how many vehicles drive over a manhole cover over its lifetime.

Why Does Speed Matter?

Not all vehicles will travel at speeds under a posted speed limit. The speed limit in a parking lot may be 0-15 mph. A back or private road could have a speed limit placard of 25 mph. Both examples have the potential for an individual to operate their vehicle at reckless or careless speeds in excess of the recommended limit. It is important to consider when you are shopping for a new manhole cover or a replacement cover, think to yourself – Could someone potentially drive 60 mph down my road or across my parking lot? You would do well to consider not only the posted speed limit but also the potential speed someone may drive over the cover once installed.

Why Does Volume Matter?

How often and how many cars drive over a manhole cover over its lifetime is different for every manhole cover. How do I determine the volume of traffic my manhole cover will experience? A low-volume traffic area could be defined as a driveway or a parking lot. For example, a driveway has 1 or 2 cars driving over it twice daily, once when you leave for work and once when you get home. Or a gas station parking lot may experience a few dozen cars driving over it every day. On the other hand, high-volume traffic could be defined as traffic on a city street or highway. A main street could have constant traffic driving over manhole covers where a cover could see a tire dive over it every 10 seconds for 12 hours straight.

What Do I Need For My Application?

Volume and speed categories can be summarized in the following ways:

Low speed, Low volume
Some examples may include driveways, parking lots, cul de sacs, sidewalks, or yards.

Low speed, high volume
Some examples may include gas stations, parking lots, or side streets.

High speed, high volume
Some examples may include city streets, highways, or intersections.

What If I Need High Speed – High Volume?

Various vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, and more travel at high speeds at high volume on city streets and highways. It is important to consider safety when installing or replacing manhole covers in high speed, high volume environments. If a cover is not heavy enough or secured in place and a vehicle travels over it at a high speed, there is potential for the manhole cover to become separated from its frame and cause injury or death. In applications such as these, cast iron manhole covers are appropriate due to their weight and durability. For more information about cast iron manholes, check out Why Cast Iron VS Steel Manhole Covers?

What If I Do Not Need High Speed – High Volume?

Manhole Covers Direct specializes in manhole covers for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Our steel covers are ideal for general, low-to-average volume traffic applications. Our steel covers are made from durable carbon steel diamond plates and built to last.

When selecting a manhole cover best suited for your project, the volume and speed of the location should be considered. Additionally, load rating is an important factor to consider as you are making your selection. To learn more about load rating, visit our blog – What Load Rating Do I Need?

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