Trench Drain Covers – What are they and where are they necessary?

Trench Drain Covers

It is becoming more apparent that drainage, especially in suburban and urban areas, is increasingly important and scrutinized when new construction occurs.  Older construction routinely had little drainage and gravel driveways.  Poured concrete or asphalt are now the norm for most driveways which are impermeable.  An impermeable surface must shed water and that water will need to be drained away if there is no ground absorption. Trench drain covers are a solution that could work for you. 

Trench Drain Cover Installation

Installing a trench with a trench drain cover allows for the passage of water. Typically, the grade is pitched away from the structure or building. Placement of trench drain covers will depend on the slope of the driveway.  If the building is above grade, the trench drain covers will be at the end of the “apron”, which is a low point away from the building. If the building is below grade, they may be placed in front of doors to keep water from entering the building. They are placed specifically to catch the majority of the water from the driveway, as well as the roof runoff. This allows you to redirect the water in whatever direction is necessary.

Trench Drain Cover Materials

Trench drain covers must also be robust and rated for vehicle traffic to drive across them. Trench drain covers can be designed to withstand any single point wheel loading required. For example, a concrete plant with drainage along a driveway will need covers that can withstand the weight of laden concrete trucks. They are usually fabricated in multiple sections to allow for one person to lift them out in sections to clean out any debris.

Much like manhole covers, these trench covers can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some even custom. Trench drain covers can be fabricated in a variety of materials including steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel and more. Metal grating is common, but not always ADA compliant. Drain slots can vary depending on the requirement for flow of water, or requirements for safety and compliance. In addition to the varied drain slots, complex curves and custom shapes can also be designed and produced, especially for municipalities or high-end construction.

Trench drain covers have an incredibly important job and are some of the most common types of covers. Manhole Covers Direct is the leader in custom manholes and related products. If you are looking for trench covers for driveways and other projects, reach out to us and get a quote today! 



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